Why Support Jubilee?

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Jubilee-supportJubilee has a forty-one year history of providing a rigorous, comprehensive private school education which is affordable to all, regardless of income. We are able to do this only through the support of friends and foundations. Because our mission is to be affordable to all, Jubilee depends upon outside support.

We invite you to invest in students who are full of wonderful ideas and creative leadership through a gift to Jubilee. The support of friends provides the building blocks of our sustainability and growth, opening the door for more young poets, scholars, writers, artists and activists to thrive at Jubilee. 

Make a donation through United Way. Our Donor Choice number is 8927.


Jubilee School extends a heartfelt thanks to its supporters!
  • Mary Helen Boothby
  • Dorothy Brooks
  • James M Buck
  • Woodard Cockran
  • Suzanne Cohen
  • Peter Conn
  • David Steven Chernoff
  • Morgan Churchman
  • Jill Cutler
  • Barbara Epperson
  • Janet Gervais
  • Mary Hopkins
  • Rebecca Klaw & Arthur Feldman
  • Susan MacBride
  • Alison McCook
  • Ned McCook
  • Alice Moyer
  • T Merrill & Marie Prentice
  • Dan Sofaer
  • Rickie Sanders
  • Stan Thompson
  • Jon & Mary Tilley
  • Patrice Walker
  • Anne Whiteside
  • Vinesha Wimberly
  • Noah Winer
  • Kate Maus & Steven Wren
  • Church of St Martin-in-the-Fields
  • Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial
  • PA Abolition Society Endowment Fund