IMG_4847The arts, celebratory in nature, are integrated throughout Jubilee’s program. The arts are viewed as an essential expression of what it means to be human. The arts program gives students an opportunity to build on their creative, intellectual and social resources through expressing themselves artistically as individuals and as a community.

The visual arts program is built upon exposure to a variety of raw materials, and instruction in elements of design, shape, space, texture, line and color. Students work from their imaginations through experimenting with different media and art forms. Although art classes take place once a week, students are engaged in art activities on a daily basis, through illustrating projects across disciplines.

Instrumental lessons are also an integral part of Jubilee’s program. Beginning in kindergarten, all students take violin lessons. When they get to fourth grade, they may choose to take lessons in a brass instrument. Beginning in fifth grade, students also take lessons in percussion. Weekly dance classes are also provided to students in kindergarten through sixth grade. At the end of the year, an annual recital takes place in which the students’ accomplishments in music and dance are celebrated by our community.