socialIn science, as in other disciplines, the partnership of curiosity between students and teachers is a key to discovering patterns. Foundational to scientific thinking are awareness of the mysteries of nature and how things work, along with the desire for understanding and willingness to pay close attention through observation. From their earliest years children by nature have a scientific approach to the world. They notice and wonder about all kinds of things that adults have forgotten to notice and wonder about. They explore and investigate; and they are constantly experimenting. At Jubilee, our goal is to keep that scientific outlook alive, to learn from it and to build upon it. The questions of students and teachers guide scientific explorations. As students observe, record, question, make hypotheses and experiment, they begin to recognize patterns in scientific data which they can then apply to new questions and new hypotheses. The process involves uncovering information and concepts, and discovering the patterns that exist in nature and the world.

As part of our all-school study of balance, Jubilee students in fifth and sixth grades narrated and wrote the script for a short documentary video about their “Balance and Sustainability ” project. The video was funded by the University of the Sciences, and a professor from the University was involved in teaching the class. The following is a link to view the video on YouTube: