Karen Falcon
BA in elementary education
36 Years at Jubilee

Jubilee Pre-K:

Jamila Carter
BA in psychology
6 Years at Jubilee


Helen Hatchett
Associates degree in education
26 Years at Jubilee


Bridgett Cassell
BA in the Performing Arts
15 Years at Jubilee


Anika Falcon
BA in Education
11 Years at Jubilee

3rd :

Margo Schall
M.Ed. Multicultural Education
1st Year at Jubilee

4th :

William Gaines
MA Social Studies
1st Year at Jubilee

5th & 6th:

Michael Watson
MA Teaching History (middle/high school)
5 Years at Jubilee


Joanne Douglas
BA Political Science, MA Environmental Science
2 Years at Jubilee

Office Administration:

Dorcia Baxter
BA Communications with Theater Concentration
2 Years at Jubilee

Mariko Franz
BA Secondary Education
1 Year at Jubilee