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A Jubilee Sustainer is a supporter who donates to us on a monthly basis (*for as
little as $5/month) to help keep us thriving. You’ll receive special event invitations and updates, AND you will become the first members of this special group. Help make history at Jubilee by joining today.

Share this exciting opportunity with friends, family, and colleagues to help us reach our goal of 100 Jubilee Sustainers in 2016!


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We want to extend a BIG thank you to our current Jubilee Monthly Sustainers!

Monthly Donors

  • Andi Sibley
  • James Fairburn
  • Stephanie Dorenbosch
  • Kathryn Maleny
  • Karen Jordan
  • Audrey Trout
  • Amy Six-Means
  • Bentley Eskridge
  • Greg Williams
  • Leila Falcon
  • Susan McBride
  • Clare O’Leary
  • Hope Porter
  • Victoria Lord
  • Thomas Patteson
  • Rose Levine
  • Patricia Williams Diaw
  • Shanee Garner
  • Sarah Mallery
  • Vincent Lloyd
  • Dayle Malloy
  • Therese Tiger
  • Lorraine Web
  • Brian Williams

Regular Donors

  • Dennis and Jeanne Holt
  • Donald and Karen Long
  • Jim and Barbara Epperson
  • Mike Pertschuk and Anna Sofaer
  • Susan Klaw and Peter Deltredici
  • Theodore Clattenburg
  • Jean Vitalis
  • Morgan Churchman
  • Rebecca Klaw
  • Margy Klaw and Alan Metcalfe
  • Josef Kardos
  • Woodward and Betsey Corkran
  • Amos Keddem
  • Richard Birns and Madeleine Sann
  • Barbara Baumgartner
  • Dennis and Jeanie Holt
  • Richard Boothby
  • Alice Moyer
  • Peter Roemer
  • David Chernoff
  • Lottie Marcus
  • Michael Zimmerman
  • Geraldine Van Doren
  • Betty and Jon Tilley
  • Kate Maus and Steven Wren
  • Phyllis Nauts
  • Daniel Sofaer
  • Bernard and Anita Askienazy
  • Ron and Janet Gervais
  • Isabella Halsted
  • Jean Allen
  • James Buck III and Eleanor Buck