4th and 5th Grade Go to Maine!

Written by Layla Carter, kindergarten teacher

Eight of our 4th and 5th graders traveled to Jefferson, Maine to stay at Camp Wavus Leadership School! Together they bonded and strengthened their team building skills while exploring nature. They had opportunities to rock climb, sleep in cabins, complete rope courses, and enjoy themselves in the great outdoors. Let’s hear what they have to say about the trip!

“My favorite part in Maine was probably the food or the Catwalk. It was a rope course where we had to balance. I also liked Gaga ball.” – Ben

“Going on a boat.” – Euree

“We did this thing called the Whale Watch and we also pet a lobster, and we also went to two lighthouses! And we played lots of lots of lots of lots of Gaga ball!…And the food was great too!” – Nomi

“It was really cool. We went to the beach, and we did a lot of nature hikes. And we got to eat delicious food and go rock climbing and do a ropes course. So, it was a lot of physical activity, but it was definitely worth it cause I got awesome muscles and I got to eat food every day!” – Priscilla

“It was pretty good! We had lots of fun. And I love the counselors, especially Rosie. We had lots of fun.” – Jayla

“So I liked it personally. I didn’t realize my phone and tablet were taken away because we were just so busy. I couldn’t even recognize that phones weren’t there. We did rock climbing. I didn’t do the ropes course. We went on a Lobster boat, and a bunch of cool stuff.” – Morgan

“My trip to Maine was good. And I actually loved nights where we were laughing so hard.” – Tiana