jubilee-language-artsThe goals for the language arts program derive from the mission of Jubilee, which is to build on the curiosity and enthusiasm for learning that children begin with, while building a strong foundation of academic skills. Young children love books and are eager to learn to read. They also enjoy telling stories, and like to see their words in written form. It is the goal of Jubilee’s language arts program to keep this love of books and desire for expression alive throughout and beyond the school years. The motivation to read is foundational to building reading skills. Building a sense that their words and ideas are important and have value and meaning in the world is foundational for students in learning writing skills.

Students learn reading skills in the context of experiencing the power of books to expand their horizons; bring pleasure, humor, compassion, insight and understanding to their lives; change their perspectives; build their imaginations; teach facts; pose questions; and enrich their lives. Students learn writing skills in the context of experiencing the power of writing to clarify and sharpen thoughts; to express ideas, questions, struggles, feelings and experiences; to tell stories; to build on the music of language; to record observations of how things are, and to relay visions of how they could be.


At Jubilee, skills are taught in context, and explicitly and sequentially. The importance of sequence and context are reflected in the language arts objectives.