The Human Body and Its Many Systems

Written by Lavondra Ham, 3rd grade teacher

For the month of March and into April, the Third Grade has been learning about the human body! Before students began working in collaborative groups students learned about some of the different body systems that make the body work.

Students were then divided into different partnerships and groups to research and discover more in-depth information about the body system. The topics covered include the digestive, circulatory, nervous, and skin systems. They will all have different responsibilities for each part of the project. This gives them the opportunity to be research writers, visual aid artists, speakers, games and activity planners, and experiment creators.

The class has really been excited to work on this project. Students have come up with creative and interesting ways to express how they will teach each other about their body system. The best part is watching students come up with new ideas and learning how to collaborate on a project together. I look forward to seeing more of what they come up with!