World Week

We began the New Year with what we call World Week. We had parents speak from Haiti, he Dominican Republic, Canada and Senegal. We also had student speakers. On Monday, the fifth and sixth grade class presented the history of Haiti from 1492 through 1934 in the voices, and from the points of view of different historical players. On Friday, a fourth grade student whose father is from Senegal gave a presentation, including a brief history of Senegal, along with an introduction to cultural traditions and religious beliefs. This was followed by a visit to a Senegalese restaurant owned by a parent of one of our students. She also gave us an overview of her country, followed by a five course meal. Her five year old daughter danced to Senegalese music, and before we knew it, most of the students got up from their tables and danced with her. As several of our teachers said it was magical, and “a real Jubilee moment”!