A Trip to Maine

In October, a group of fourth, fifth and sixth grade students took a five day trip to a leadership camp in Maine called Camp Kieve. The  growth that took place over those five days was wonderful to observe. Students learned principles of communication, leadership skills and how to deal with peer pressure. Each day they were given a “challenge” activity involving group problem solving. After the activity they discussed how they were functioning as a group in terms of the principles they were learning. They were also challenged to overcome fear, and to trust themselves and their team-mates through a ropes course. One of their favorite activities was called “solo time”, in which they found a quiet place by the river, and reflected in their journals about what they were learning, and how that translated in setting goals for themselves. Through the Leadership School’s curriculum which fosters risk taking, cooperation, and mutual support, students, along with the parents and teachers who travel with them, deepen their sense of community and learn to be leaders of the school.



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