Jubilee School 2020 Online Summer Program

Responding to our Times through the Arts



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Class Schedules

All School | PreK-K | 1st-2nd | 3rd_5th | 6th-12th

All School

Pre-K/KArtSkill Building and ExplorationSkill Building and ExplorationSkill Building and ExplorationStorytime
1st/2ndReading/ELAScienceReading/ELAMath GamesReading/ELA
3rd-5thTheater/MonologuesMath GamesTheatre/MonologuesBook ClubPoetry
1st/2ndArtTheater: Finding Our VoicesYoga/MusicTheater: Finding Our VoicesMath Club
3rd-5thBook ClubYoga/MusicMath ClubScienceArt
6th-12thTheatre/MonolguesActivist StoriesTheater/MonologuesActivist StoriesPoetry
6th-12thHip HopCodingArt


10:00ArtSkill Building and ExplorationSkill Building and ExplorationSkill Building and ExplorationStorytime
11:00YogaStory TimeYogaStory TimeYoga


10:00Reading/ELAScienceReading/ELAMath GamesReading/ELA
11:30ArtTheater; Finding Our VoicesYoga/MusicTheater Science


10:00TheatreMath GamesTheatreBook ClubPoetry
11:30Book ClubYoga/MusicMath ClubScienceArt


11:30TheatreActivist StoriesTheaterActivist StoriesPoetry
1:30Hip HopCodingHip HopCodingArt

Class Descriptions

Classes will be devoted to skill-building, health and wellness, identity, community, and equity.

Pre-K/K Story Telling

Taught by Jamila Carter, Pre-School Director

During our time together, students will be exposed to identity affirming images and characters through literature. The selection of stories will celebrate and highlight culturally different communities, and give children the opportunity to learn about how families around the world express their unique heritage using language, art, food, and clothing.  (for students entering pre-K and K)

Pre-K / K Skill Building and Exploration

Taught by LaMonika Bannister, Pre-school Teacher

This skills-building readiness session focuses on preparing students for their next educational step as well as preventing the loss of academic skills during the summer months. Students will engage in games and activities that build and reinforce math and literacy skills.(for students entering pre-K and K)

Yoga and Healing

Taught by Nia Watson. Yoga and Pre-K Teacher

Students will build and notice the foundation of self! They will begin with the power of their breath, along with recognizing their senses. They will tap into their emotions and play with how all of these categories are connected! Learning through play and using yoga as the main tool will help in developing the children’s executive functioning skills. It will offer opportunities to implement problem solving on their own as well as creating ways for them to express their thoughts and emotions. (for students entering pre-k and K)

Story Time/ Building English Language Arts Skills

Taught by Anika Falcon, Teacher

Students entering 1st-2nd grades will work on phonics and reading fluency by

reading and listening to stories, practicing sight words, rhyming words and playing reading games together. Along with building on skills they have already learned, they will learn new skills in preparation for a new school year. (for students in grades 1&2)

Theater Class: Finding Our Voices

Taught by Lavondra Ham, Teacher

Students will participate in lessons to help facilitate their ability to find their unique voice. Students will engage in physical, vocal, and imaginative games and activities to further this goal. We will discuss what they have observed in their communities, and explore their feelings about what is happening in the present and how it relates to the past. Students will find confidence in expressing what they see, feel, and know in an imaginative way. They will have the opportunity to creatively write scenes as a group, and individually write monologues. (for grades 1&2)

Youth Yoga and Music

Taught by Jean-Jacques Gabriel, Yoga Teacher and Doc Gibbs,

Percussion Artist and Teacher

Jubilee Youth Yoga will be an accessible class for the young people to learn basic yoga poses and breathing techniques that build strength, balance, and flexibility all from the safety of their homes. The physical practice of poses will book-ended by calming and meditative live music played by Doc Gibbs. (for students in grades 1&2 and 3-5)

Building Math Skills through Math Games

Taught by Lashe Miles, Teacher at Trapezium Math Club

Students will build skills in mental math, number sense, number combinations and problem solving through games created by Trapezium Math. These games have been shown to strengthen math skills dramatically. (for students in grades 1&2, and 3-5)

Book Club

Taught by Anika Falcon, Teacher

Students entering 3rd-5th will read “One Crazy Summer” together. In this Newbery Honor novel, New York Times bestselling author Rita Williams-Garcia tells the story of three sisters who travel to Oakland, California, in 1968 to meet the mother who is a Black Panther. The sisters learn about the free breakfast program and everything else the Panthers are doing for the community. We will read together and have discussions on similarities between the 1960s and now, on

protests and ways that we can help our own communities. (for students in grades 3-5)

Building with Science

Taught by Levi Joynes, Science Teacher

Students will learn science concepts through experimenting, discovering and building. They will learn how to upcycle “everyday” used materials and turn them into new things.  From trash to TREASURE! (for students in grades 1&2; 3-6)

Documenting this Time in our Lives Through the Visual Arts

Taught by Leila Falcon, Art Teacher

Art has played a major role in every movement throughout history. From the very beginning, humans have used art to document their lives and the world around them. From the paintings on prehistoric caves, Ancient Egyptian wall paintings, the murals and prints during the Mexican Revolution, to digital art mediums today, art has taught us about our past and helps us understand the present. Creating art is a powerful tool to use our voices, share information, and document history. Students will take photographs, draw, paint, write and design posters. They will use visual art to document their lives in this unprecedented time of history. (for grades1&2; 3-5; and 6-12)

Creating Monologues; Making Change

Taught by Teaching Artists from Philadelphia Young Playwrights

Over the course of six workshops, teaching artists from Philadelphia Young Playwrights will explore with students how the creation and performance of monologues can be a tool to share voices and passions with our community. Using sample student monologues and famous speeches from history, students will learn how a monologue is structured. Students will write their pieces, with feedback from students to help make their words as powerful as possible. Monologues will be recorded and presented at a celebratory online event. (for grades 3-5; 6-12)

Poetry: An Artist’s Duty Workshop Series

Taught by Jasmine Combs, a writer, educator and spoken word artist

As Nina Simone once said, “An artist’s duty, as far as I’m concerned, is to reflect the times.” In this workshop we will be looking at local and global issues through a personal lens. We will explore themes of wellness, community and identity by using Black poetic forms and texts from living Black writers. (for grades 3-5; 6-12)

Stories from Youth Activists

Moderated by Karen Falcon and Lashe Miles

Youth activists will share stories of campaigns they have organized and/or participated in. Students will learn from youth who have organized campaigns against police brutality, gun violence and segregation. They will hear stories of students speaking in schools, writing petitions, organizing marches, meeting with law-makers, presenting at a United Nations Conference on Small Arms and creating a film about what they learned from veterans of the Civil Rights Movement. They will also learn from organizers of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and youth activists from the sixties. (for grades 6-12)

Expressing Our Worlds Through Hip Hop

Taught by Anthony Bannister, Hip Hop Artist

Hip-Hop culture has become a safe place for everyone to express themselves. This class will focus on the origins of hip-hop culture and its social impact. During our sessions students will be introduced to the art of rhyming, rapping and beat making and will complete the course by making and performing their own hip hop songs/raps. (for grades 6-12)

Computer Coding: Introduction to Scratch

Taught by David and Mikayla Bannister, Students

This class will use the computer program Scratch as an introduction to coding. Students will use their creative thinking skills to program interactive media using Scratch. A Scratch account is required to participate in activities; however it is completely free to sign up. (for students in grades 6-12)


Jamila Carter

Jamila Carter is the Director of Pre-School at Jubilee School. She has been teaching at Jubilee for 12 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Lincoln University, and her Masters degree from Springfield College. She is an expert in engaging pre-school students in distance learning!

LaMonika Bannister

LaMonika Bannister has worked with Jubilee School for over twelve years teaching PreK-3 and 4 students. She has found early childhood education fulfilling and enjoys providing learning experiences through play and hands-on activities. She is also the parent of three Jubilee Alumni.

Anika Falcon

Anika Falcon has been a teacher at Jubilee school for 15 years. She has taught pre-school, in after-school and summer programs. She currently teaches 2nd grade and tutors students in grades 1-4. She has a degree in Elementary Education from Temple University.

Levi Hudari Sungu’Ra

Levi Hudari Sungu’Ra is a native of Philadelphia PA. His cultural background as an African born in America and his focus on community collaboration has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. As a creative musician, he has utilized ancient and modern therapeutic modalities in Philadelphia Public Schools and Behavioral Health Centers. As a resourceful environmentalist, he constructed urban agricultural farms in food insecure neighborhoods in North Philadelphia. Levi currently serves as a co-founding member of the North Philly Peace Park. As an International Educator Levi is currently designing and implementing curriculums for schools/community centers in Philadelphia, PA and Liberia, Africa. Levi is also the founder of the Universal African Science Academy, which services children in urban communities. Dedicated to the cultivation of youth and igniting their innate intelligence, and creative ability with a holistic, supportive environment, open dialogue and culturally aware classroom.

Doc Gibbs

Doc Gibbs is one of the most sought after percussionists in the music industry today. Whether he’s recording, touring or kickin’ it up a notch with Emeril Lagasse. Doc musically operates on an audience with funky rhythms and with his vast assortment of traditional and unusual percussion instruments.

Doc’s love of hand drums and percussion instruments began in the early seventies, when he left the Pennsylvania Academy of Fines Art to pursue his real dream – a career as a master percussionist. Early in his career, Doc immediately caught the attention of the music industry’s top artists, including George Benson, Nancy Wilson, Bob James, Al Jarreau and Anita Baker, to name a few. Most recently, Doc’s percussive reputation has placed him in the studio with Wyclef Jean, Erykah Badu, Eric Benet and hot R&B producer, James Poyser, among others.


Jean-Jacques is a Haitian-born father, artist, and teacher living in Philadelphia. He started painting in his father’s studio, before he could walk, and later studied at the University of the Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Jean-Jacques found yoga while at art school in 2001, and completed his first teacher training in Southern India in 2007. His first yoga students were children and prisoners. his work with Marshall Eddie Conway, former political prisoner and Black Panther, teaching yoga and nonviolent communication in prisons rooted his yoga practice and teaching in justice and freedom.

Jean-Jacques has taught in prisons, public schools, yoga studios, and national and international festivals. he currently co-leads the teacher training program at Studio 34 in West Philly. Jean-Jacques is the co-creator of a yoga clothing clothing line with Philadelphia Printworks called “The Embodied Collection”. It was created to honor and inspire the efforts of people of color in creating wellness. The line is rooted in the words of Audre Lorde, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.”

Jasmine L. Combs

Jasmine L. Combs is a writer, educator, and spoken word artist from Philadelphia. Her work​ has been published in various literary journals including Apiary Magazine, Vagabond City Lit, Vinyl Poetry, and forthcoming in Painted Bride Quarterly. She has competed in poetry slams both locally and nationally, winning the grand slam championship at Philly’s Grand Slam Finals 2015, College Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) 2016, and was a semi-finalist at the 2015 National Poetry Slam. Jasmine’s work focuses on the personal as universal and the intersecting relationships between Blackness, womanhood, girlhood, mental illness, love, and home. She is the author of two small collections of poetry, Universal Themes (2014) and This Drowning Was A Baptism (2019).

Leila Falcon

Leila Falcon is an artist and art educator. She has taught thousands of children art over the last 12 years in the School District of Philadelphia. Leila developed multiple art programs where students build connections between the elements and principles of art, art history, community, life experiences, social justice, and all other areas of learning through the use of mixed mediums. Leila has also taught, organized, and facilitated four large scale murals that were created and produced 100% by her students.

Karen Falcon

Karen Falcon is the Founder/Director of Jubilee School’s K-6th grade program. She also teaches history, and has worked with students to publish two student-created books: “The Deep Past of Haiti” and “Journey to the Core of the Twentieth Century”.

Mikaylah Bannister

Mikaylah is a former Jubilee student who enjoys Kpop, drawing, and making video edits. She learned how to program with Scratch in school where she found her love for creating digital art.

David Bannister

David is a former Jubilee student who is proficient in several coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML 5, Scratch, and Snap! He enjoys coding, skateboarding, and playing video games.

Lashe Miles

Lashe Miles

Lashe Miles has been teaching math at Trapezium Math Club, where she helped to design math games to teach and reinforce number skills and mental math. Lashe was also a teacher in Jubilee School’s afterschool program, and led a workshop at Jubilee’s Educators’ Conference called “Celebrating Our Stories: Social Justice and the Arts Across the Curriculum.” She is a students in Global Studies at Temple University.

Anthony Bannister

Anthony Bannister

is a former recording artist for Sony Columbia Records and producer from West Philadelphia. His passion lies within his community, he has worked to connect local artists to opportunities to showcase and express their work and performed at local venues.

Nia Vargus

Nia Vargus

Nia Vargus is a graduate of English Literature and Creative and Professional Writing from Goucher College. She is very passionate about writing, but probably equally passionate about working as a mentor, teaching artist, or tutor to other writers. She is very excited to work with the students at Jubilee this summer!


LaVondra Ham

LaVondra Ham has been a dynamic educator for over twenty years. She has a B.A. in Theater and is a certified yoga instructor for children and adults. LaVondra has taught Preschool for many years, theater programs, yoga, and recently taught Fourth grade at The Jubilee School.