We Stand With Puerto Rico

Jubilee has formed a connection with a Latino arts and culture organization in North Philadelphia called Taller Puertorriqueño. Taller is partnering with the African American Museum in Philadelphia to raise money and gather supplies for Puerto Rico in their time of need. Since Jubilee is also connected to AAMP,this would be a great opportunity to support both Puerto Rico and two organizations we have relationships with, by raising funds as a Jubilee community.

From the AAMP Website:
Through our partners at Taller Puertorriqueño, the African American Museum in Philadelphia
joins a coalition of community organizations, leaders, and advocates to raise funds to support storm-ravaged Puerto Rico under the banner of Unidos PA’ PR. Together, we want to do everything possible to draw attention to the crisis and support Puerto Rico in the relief efforts in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. Right now in Puerto Rico, over 3.5 Million Americans are without electricity and running water, and thousands of people are in shelters.

Considering the deep roots of Philadelphia’s Puerto Rican communities and neighborhoods, and Puerto Rico’s important place within the larger narrative ofthe African Diaspora, AAMP implores your to take action to help our affected brothers and sisters today.

If you would like to send money instead, checks can be made out to CONCILIO / UNIDOS PA’PR. You can also bring cash. We’d like to deliver the funds as a contribution from our Jubilee community.