Poetry Night

Jubilee School celebrates poetry at an annual Poetry Night to which families are invited. Students recite poems they have memorized, and read original poetry.

The following are some samples of poems written by students over the last few years:


We will march
as one.
We will fight for justice
as one.
The world will join hands
and make the world better
as one.
Everything will be fair and equal
our society
will be better than it is.
But for now
we will focus on being

By Corah Bannister, Grade 5

Introduction: About Me

I’m steel water on rocky land
the words I use give nutrients to
my people
I think everyone has a feeling
for others
they say a kid can’t speak the truth
but all I do is jumble up words
and put them in strong sentences
I’m a yellow in a meadow of green leaves
leaving a bright shine that you can see in
no word can describe me because I’m
not that specific
So enjoy my word and go to another world

by Jardai Sharper, Grade 5

The One

Unfolding paper
like solving a mystery
being solved, analyzed and noticed
like a puzzle
like a blind man in a maze
struggle to find the end.

Am I that man?
am I blind?
can I put the pieces together?
can I stop these beastly actions?
Am I the one?

By Ade Forrest, grade 5

Are We Free?

When the sun falls
and the moon rises
I just ask myself
are we free
or is it just an illusion?
The illusion of being free
The illusion of being liked
The illusion of having peace
If we were free we would
be able to express our
minds without the fear of
being judged
If we were free we wouldn’t
be judged by how we act
but how we think
If we were free we wouldn’t
feel like the weight of the world
was on our shoulders.

by Sarah Cisse, grade 6

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