Gandhi Day at Jubilee

This fall Bethany, a sixth grade student, brought up the idea of celebrating Gandhi Day. At an International Day of Peace assembly at Jubilee, her class had just presented a Declaration of Principles they had written. Because they had worked so hard, they were asked what they would like to do for half an hour after their presentation. Bethany said “Let’s go to the park and plan Gandhi Day”. Which is what we did. Some of the ideas students came up with were to have a re-enactment of the Salt March; to carry a banner about Gandhi Day; to set up tables in the park and serve Indian food, and to release lanterns into the air. All of these events took place on October 2nd, which is Gandhi’s birthday. Except that instead of releasing lanterns, each class released a balloon. The “Salt March” included the whole school, with older students taking younger students as partners. They carried a banner which had a drawing of a spinning wheel on it. They also held up signs they had made with words they thought represented Gandhi’s life: “Sustainability”, Independence”, “Powerful Protests”, “Truth Force”, “Love” and “Nonviolence”. The highlight of the day was releasing the balloons. There was speculation about where the balloons would go; one student hoped a balloon would make it to India, and another thought the balloons might make it all the way up to God! Like so many other wonderful student ideas, the idea of Gandhi Day has now officially been instituted as an annual Jubilee tradition.

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