Declaration of Principles


Transforming Children’s Futures  Modeled on W.E.B. Du Bois’ Declaration of Principles   By Students in Fifth and Sixth Grades, Jubilee School 1. We, the children demand a great, well focused, equal education for children all around the world. We believe in children. We believe that children can change the future and transform people’s lives. We […]

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A Trip to Maine


In October, a group of fourth, fifth and sixth grade students took a five day trip to a leadership camp in Maine called Camp Kieve. The  growth that took place over those five days was wonderful to observe. Students learned principles of communication, leadership skills and how to deal with peer pressure. Each day they […]

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Poetry Night

Jubilee School celebrates poetry at an annual Poetry Night to which families are invited. Students recite poems they have memorized, and read original poetry. The following are some samples of poems written by students over the last few years: One We will march as one. We will fight for justice as one. The world will […]

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Standing on the Steps of Langston Hughes’ House in Harlem


Jubilee has a tradition of celebrating “Harlem Renaissance Week”. Last year the fifth and sixth grade class spent the day in Harlem. They visited the Apollo, the Schomburg Center for Black Culture and many other landmarks associated with the Harlem Renaissance. At Langston Hughes’ house they recited “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”. Bethany, a fifth […]

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Lessons in Etymology


Jubilee students in kindergarten through sixth grade learn etymology (the study of words) from Mr. Abdullah Bey, a teacher from the Pan African Studies Community Outreach program at Temple University. Students study the origin and meaning of prefixes, suffixes and root words, and make sense of how words are put together. This is a powerful […]

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Gardening at Jubilee


Every group, from pre-school through sixth grade, has a raised bed garden in Jubilee’s backyard. Volunteer gardeners work with students to prepare the soil, plant seeds, water and weed their gardens and harvest the vegetables. Students learn about plants, cycles of growth, and ecosystems along with the joys of gardening.

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Gandhi Day at Jubilee


This fall Bethany, a sixth grade student, brought up the idea of celebrating Gandhi Day. At an International Day of Peace assembly at Jubilee, her class had just presented a Declaration of Principles they had written. Because they had worked so hard, they were asked what they would like to do for half an hour […]

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World Week


We began the New Year with what we call World Week. We had parents speak from Haiti, he Dominican Republic, Canada and Senegal. We also had student speakers. On Monday, the fifth and sixth grade class presented the history of Haiti from 1492 through 1934 in the voices, and from the points of view of […]

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Block Building


Over thirty five years ago, Jubilee opened with some donated books, basic art materials and a set of homemade blocks. Throughout the years, building with blocks has been a vital part of early childhood education at Jubilee School. Block building contributes to developing a great variety of concepts in math and science. Its contribution to […]

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